In this section we will begin to configure the entire corporate design of the company on its new website. In order, from the heading to the footer, this section is divided into Menu, Body and Footer. By default, a raw start design appears on installation, and from here we begin to integrate our own design.

In the entire configuration system and in each of the tabs, we see three buttons in the upper right and the same buttons in the lower right to save what is being done and not lose it (blue “Save” button), the “Reset Section” button in case we want to return to the raw start state and the “Reset All” button if we want to reset all sections of the tSEO pro system to raw.

It is recommended to be very careful when pressing “Reset All” because all configuration would be lost. If you want to safely save everything you are doing, in the last tab “Advanced Settings” and within it in the last subtab “Backup”, you can export a backup of everything in JSON format to download to your PC or Mac.


The menus are already programmed with an adaptive design for any type of device. They are simple but communicative menus for a relatively fast load on the first visit. Many WordPress website templates take a long time to load assets only from the menu, either because of their designer plugin or the assets contained in the view, or both at the same time.

Choose a type of menu

We can choose a menu with visible tabs or a menu with hidden tabs only visible through the dropdown of a sidebar panel.


Background color for the entire web

Header Posts

Title h1 Posts

Subtitle Posts

Category Posts

General link colors

General color underlined (Front Page, Pages and Posts)


h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6

Sidebar / Widgets



General sidebar layout


General layout of the widgets


Customize Page Headers


Customize Post Categories